A Fundraiser Benefiting the Birds of The Raptor Institute

The Raptor Institute has been serving the San Diego community for the past five years and we have loved every minute of it. Throughout that time we have provided hundreds of educational programs and exposed thousands of children, teenagers, and adults to our local raptor species. Our programming has finally grown to the point where we are now ready to expand our avian family and introduce our audience to even more of San Diego’s local raptor species. In order to accomplish this goal we need your help!

We have created a plan to expand and enhance our current facilities to be able to accommodate and house more raptors. This expansion plan includes the build out of seven new enclosures, the remodeling of our current facilities and a large enclosed weathering area where the birds can get exercise and spend more time “outdoors”. Thanks to a generous grant from the NorCross Wildlife Foundation and the wonderful support from La Mesa Lumber, we are almost ready to execute our big plan!  In order for us to be able to break ground and begin construction we need the help of our local community to raise the remaining funds needed and to literally Raise the Roof on this project!

What your contribution will go toward:

  1. Mews Expansion: The materials needed to build these new living quarters. This includes lumber, roofing, hardware and other materials. All labor is being generously donated by Raptor Institute volunteers and board members along with help from local contractors. We look forward to sharing the building process with you so you can literally see your donations at work! (p.s. A mews is a falconry term for a raptor enclosure)
  2. The Aviary: We are so excited to build this enclosed weathering area so all of our raptors can get plenty of exercise and enjoy some time out in the San Diego sunshine. This will not only keep our birds healthy and in shape but will significantly increase their second lease on life with us. The materials we need to accomplish the aviary include lumber, netting and hardware.
  3. Perching Materials: No bird house is complete without perches, and we are prepared to make these perches fun! Birds love to sit and relax by the window, but they also love to move around and active raptors are happy raptors! These materials will include lumber, ropes, perching mats and hardware.
  4. Organic Materials: No aviary would be complete without natural materials for the raptors to hang out on, but also to keep this space as close to nature as possible. This will include small trees, shrubs, and other natural perching materials.

What your contribution means:

You are not only helping The Raptor Institute expand our facilities but you are also supporting San Diego’s local wildlife. All of the birds that we work with are wild and have come to The Raptor Institute through local rehabilitators. They have all suffered from a permanent injury and have been certified as “non-releasable” by a wildlife veterinarian. This means that release to the wild for these animals will never be an option. Without organizations like The Raptor Institute, rehabilitators face a tough decision as their limited space is best utilized for birds that can be made healthy enough be returned to the wild where they belong.

Building more housing will allow The Raptor Institute to provide more homes for these unlucky birds so that they can be trained to spend the remainder of their lives as educational ambassadors. Through education, these handicapped raptors will receive a wholesome diet, healthy living arrangements, and continual vet care for ongoing medical conditions.

With your support you are allowing us to give more injured birds a second lease on life, to educate our community and inspire our followers.


To contribute to our Raise the Roof Campaign, please click on the button below. If you are unable to contribute at this time, please spread the word to your community, family, and friends. All contributions no matter how small are greatly appreciated.  To show our gratitude we would like to give back as well. We have set up rewards for certain donation levels as outlined below.  Remember that all donations are tax deductible!  Thank you again and let’s raise this roof!


$25 A Personal Thank You from the Birds of The Raptor Institute (5×7 image of birds)
$50 A Raptor Institute Hat and a Personal Thank You.
$75 A Raptor Institute Coffee Mug, Hat and a Personal Thank You.
$100 A Raptor Institute Tote Bag, Coffee Mug, Hat and a Personal Thank You.
$200 A Signed Copy of Raptors of California, a Raptor Institute Tote Bag, Coffee Mug, Hat and a Personal Thank You.
$350 A VIP Tour of the New Facility including a Meet and Greet and Photo Opportunities with our Raptors.
$500 A VIP Tour of the New Facility including a Meet and Greet and Photo Opportunities with our Raptors, a Signed Copy of Raptors of California, a Raptor Institute Tote Bag, Coffee Mug, Hat and a Personal Thank You.



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