Raptors have been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years.  In this workshop, girl scouts will learn how people have utilized trained raptors throughout history through the art and practice of falconry.  Girls will learn how raptors are trained, how their use as hunting companions has benefited humans, and how they are used today as natural pest control through the practice of abatement.  Scouts will have the opportunity to meet several trained raptors while also learning about their individual stories, and how they were trained to become educational ambassadors to help educate the public about their importance.  This workshop will fulfill the requirements necessary to earn their Animal Helpers Badge.  This workshop is geared towards Girl Scouts at the Cadette level. Cost is $12 per scout and is suitable for groups of 15-35 scouts.

We also offer this workshop on various dates throughout the year at Girl Scout Headquarters to give scouts the chance to team up to meet the minimum requirements. Please contact us for more information or to schedule this program.