Let The Raptor Institute help you be prepared for your next scouting journey!

An important part of being a Girl Scout is learning about being a responsible member of your community. Let The Raptor Institute help your scouts learn about an integral part of San Diego’s natural community. Bring us to your next troop meeting to help teach your scouts about raptors and the important role they play in our neighborhood. Your scouts will be amazed to see live raptors up close and personal while learning about their biology, natural history, and conservation. This unforgettable experience will surely instill a sincere respect for nature and help your scouts realize the vital importance of conservation in our community. These programs start at $150 for a 60 minute presentation. Programs can be tailored to fit your den or troop’s specific needs and pricing may very depending on group size. We encourage troops to join together to make this an affordable learning experience for your scouts.

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