And their nocturnal lives through owl pellet dissection and interactions with a live owl!
In this 90 minute program your students will have a chance to discover the secrets of owls through interactive, hands-on learning.  They will be given the opportunity to meet a live owl up close and personal, and learn about its biology, conservation and natural history.  Students will be fascinated by the many adaptations that owls possess to allow them to hunt and live in a nighttime environment.  They will learn about the difficulties experts have studying owls that are active only at night, when it is difficult for us to observe them.  After learning about the digestive process of owls students will conduct their own experiment by dissecting real owl pellets.  Through this dissection students will be able to uncover clues as to what that owl has eaten during its nighttime foraging.  They will learn how this same technique is used by real scientists to study the lives and habits of owls.  This unique experience is sure to captivate your student’s interest and give them the advantage of learning about science in a very exciting environment.

This program is designed for grades 3 – 6 and is tailored to address specific California science content standards for each grade level.  The presentation is intended for up to 30 students, but can be tailored to fit your classroom’s individual needs.  Teachers will be provided with supplementary materials and activities to do with their students in preparation for the program and also activities to be completed after the program to cement their student’s comprehension of key concepts addressed.  Program cost is $195 per session and includes all necessary tools and materials.  Discount pricing is available for multiple sessions at the same school on the same day.  To see specific content standards met for each grade level and a lesson overview click here. Please contact us for more information or to schedule this program.


My daughter’s class had a visit from you this week with the owl pellet dissection.  She enjoyed it very much and is now thinking of becoming a biologist.” -Arlene King, 4th grade teacher, Otay Elementary

Everyone enjoyed the presentation and seeing the raptors up close. The material was very pertinent to our current science unit. – Mrs. Holzbauer, 3rd Grade Teacher Foussat Elementary