Feathered Friends is an educational program that is designed for younger audiences. A young child’s first interaction with a wild animal is always a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression in their mind.  This 60 minute program is designed specifically for Kindergarten to Grade Two classrooms and will give your students an experience they will never forget.  Students will be given the opportunity to meet a live raptor and learn about its conservation, biology, and natural history.  Seeing such an amazing animal up close and personal will keep the audience focused on the important conservational message that we will share.  Students will be excited to learn where these raptors live, what they eat, and how important they are in the environment we live in.  They will also be given the chance to see and touch samples of different raptor parts to help learn about the bird’s anatomy and the specific use oviolet_puff_of each feature.

This program is designed for grades K – 2 and tailored to address specific California science content standards for each grade level.  The presentation is intended for up to 30 students, but can be tailored to fit your classroom’s individual needs.  Program cost is $135 per session and includes all necessary materials.  Discount pricing is available for multiple sessions at the same school on the same day.  To see specific content standards met for each grade level and a lesson overview click here. Please contact us for more information or to schedule this program.




images © Misael Virgen 2015