The Raptor Institute’s mission is to inspire the San Diego community to conserve and protect birds of prey in their natural environment through comprehensive, educational programming.

This organization was formed out of a respect and awe of migratory birds, especially birds of prey. Our motto is Conservation through Education and Inspiration which exemplifies our main goals to:

  • Promote community Conservation efforts
  • Provide Education to the public about raptors
  • Produce the Inspiration needed to protect our environment

Promote community conservation

In the 21st century one of the greatest causes of the decline and loss of bird species is habitat destruction.  We seek to actively participate in habitat conservation and restoration to maintain biodiversity within an ecosystem.  It is our goal to acquire and preserve natural habitat to be maintained in its natural state for posterity.  We will work through our own abilities and also through partnerships with other like-minded organizations to continue to protect our natural resources and habitats that are important to bird species and other forms of wildlife.  We will work with communities to promote restoration projects in local areas and the stewardship and care of existing wildlife habitat.

Provide education to the public

Education is crucial to our ability to create and foster environmental awareness and stewardship amongst the general public.  We strive to provide the highest quality educational experiences for children and adults of all ages.  It is our goal to present programs that are interactive, engaging, and educational at the same time.  We offer these programs in the form of classes, seminars, group events, demonstrations and other platforms that include access by all ages and demographics.  Through education we will create a community that understands the importance of migratory birds and the role they play in our ecosystem.  We also strive to give people the skills necessary to identify, understand, and appreciate the birds they see around them in everyday life.

Produce inspiration

No one can forget the first time they were inspired by one of our many natural resources.  Maybe it was the first time you saw a Bald Eagle, a beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset, or a hike through your local forest.  Moments like these are so important in fostering a responsibility in the public to protect our natural resources so posterity can enjoy the many wonders that we get to enjoy today.  Our goal is to help produce that inspiration in the minds of our youth and general public with up close and personal encounters with live raptors.  No other group of birds better exemplifies the wild and untamed characteristics that resonate through our natural resources.  By providing an experience we hope to inspire people to protect not only these regal birds, but the habitat they need to survive as well as the other plants and animals that call those habitats home.