Danny Sedivec

danny2Danny Sedivec grew up in San Diego spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.  His parents were strong supporters of learning through exposure to natural environments.  Danny’s passion for raptors developed at a young age after an uncle, who shares his name, introduced him to birding. After that Danny spent as much time as possible learning everything about the birds he saw in everyday life – especially raptors.

Danny’s interests in wildlife led him to volunteer at the Chula Vista Nature Center during high school; something he continued to do whenever possible over the next twelve years. His experiences at the Nature Center fueled his interest in raptors and greatly increased his understanding of raptor natural history and the care for a wide variety of birds.

Danny earned a BA/BS in Business Economics at UCLA. He was able to maintain his connection to the outdoors during his college tenure by working for the Campus Outdoor Adventures Program. As a Guide of Experiential Learning he introduced other students to nature as he led activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and more.

While at UCLA Danny took the opportunity to study abroad at the Univeristy of Salamanca in Spain.  This gave him the opportunity to improve his Spanish language skills through total immersion.  Today he still travels to Spanish speaking countries as much as possible to practice the language that he now speaks and writes fluently.

After college Danny moved to San Francisco where he combined his business degree with his passion for wildlife as Chief Financial Officer for the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association.

Missing the wonderful weather of America’s Finest City, Danny returned to San Diego where he has been active in the San Diego Real Estate Market as a licensed broker.  He also teaches as a credentialed substitute teacher in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Since his return to San Diego, Danny has taken up the sport of falconry and has advanced to the rank of General Falconer. He enjoys training and hunting with wild raptors.  In his free time Danny can be found all across the county behind a pair of binoculars looking for that next bird.  He enjoys surfing and rock climbing amongst other outdoor pursuits.

Charles Gailband

Charles Gailband has over 22 years of raptor care and wildlife presentation experience. It all began with a fascination he developed as a pre-teen after noticing a nesting pair of American Kestrels in his neighborhood. It wasn’t long after this discovery that he consumed every book on birds of prey, and then falconry, he could find to learn more about these winged neighbors.

Shortly after high school Charles became a Docent, and later a volunteer for the Bird Crew, at the Chula Vista Nature Center. It was at the Nature Center where he had his first opportunity to work with and care for birds of prey. This experience gave Charles the opportunity to take a position with the Aviculture Department at SeaWorld San Diego. While with SeaWorld, Charles cared for a large and diverse collection of birds.  He became proficient with the practices of artificial incubation and hand-rearing. Some of his career highlights with SeaWorld include: the rearing of penguin and flamingo chicks, spending a summer conducting field work with Project Puffin in Maine, and participating in the rehabilitation of a variety of wild seabirds.

Charles continued to volunteer at the Nature Center, as the Curator of Birds, while he worked at SeaWorld. In 1999 he joined the Nature Center fulltime to launch the captive breeding and reintroduction of the Light-footed clapper rail – one of California’s rarest shore birds. From 1999 through 2012 Charles grew the rail program by adding SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo Safari Park as formal breeding partners. Their efforts resulted in the breeding and release of over 300 of these endangered species into southern California marshes – gaining awards and accolades for their pioneering efforts along the way.  He also grew the raptor collection and expanded the avian exhibits, resulting in one of the most complete displays of native southern California raptors.

Mr. Gailband believes that connecting people with their outdoor environment is vital for both wildlife and our own well being. Birds, particularly birds of prey, offer a unique and powerful tool to opening people’s eyes to the wildlife they share their community with.

When he is not sharing his enthusiasm for wildlife, Charles likes to explore the aquatic world through SCUBA diving. He enjoys finding new places to investigate in the Sea of Cortez and the Baja California peninsula.

Matt Craig

Matt Craig grew up in Manhattan Beach, California where his proximity to the ocean as well as the mountains helped instill a life long love of the outdoors. Matt attended UCLA where he majored in business economics with a minor in accounting. After college he gained his C.P.A while working for one of the big four accounting firms, KPMG. However, he quickly realized that the high stress corporate lifestyle of big firm accounting did not suit him. Matt then chose to pursue a career helping others, by becoming an EMT and eventually a firefighter for the city of Los Angeles where he is currently employed full time.

Not wanting to leave his roots and formal training as an accountant, Matt has also been running his own small yet successful accounting firm on the side. His practice specializes in personal and business income taxes.

Matt was fortunate enough to marry his college sweetheart Nikki, and they have since bought a home together in the hills of Ventura. They have also started a family with two lovely daughters whom they take with them on many outdoor adventures throughout California and beyond. Matt and Nikki not only share their love of the outdoors with their daughters, but are also forming their own outdoor access program in Ventura to help give underprivileged youth the opportunities to experience the outdoors.

Nicole Perretta

Nicole Perretta grew up in rural San Diego and has been drawing and painting birds since she was 9 years old. She read every book she could on birds and observed the wild birds in her neighborhood, keeping a list of the birds that she identified. Nicole has broadened her experience with birds by working as an ornithological field assistant and by volunteering at local wildlife rehabilitation centers. She has also worked professionally as an exotic bird caretaker, an avian behavioral consultant, and spent 7 years as a Zookeeper for the San Diego Zoo.

Nicole has been lucky enough to be able to combine her passion for birds and art into a successful livelihood.  She has illustrated the books, “Understanding the Life of Birds”, by Patrick G. Coyle, and “The Complete Bird Owner’s Handbook” by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein. Nicole also illustrates for the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Bird Atlas newsletter, “Wrenderings” that is published quarterly.

Nicole has another talent besides her excellent artwork. She can imitate the calls of 158 species of birds. She learned to produce bird calls between the ages of 6 and 11 years of age. During that time she discovered she could capture the attention of the birds around her. She could change the direction of a flying raven, have a dove follow her, or make a hawk dive bomb an invisible foe.  Nicole currently performs and teaches bird calling workshops at bird festivals throughout the U.S.

Nicole is also licensed in California as a Master Falconer.  She has successfully trained and worked with many different species of raptors and enjoys the close relationship to the birds that falconry affords.  Nicole is happily married and has two wonderful sons that she enjoys sharing her passion for the outdoors and birding with.

Greg Ottinger

Greg Ottinger is the Executive Director of Information Technology for San Diego Unified.  Greg works closely with school district leadership to provide consulting and guidance with all elements of online/hybrid/virtual and electronic learning, technology, and achieving organizational goals.  He is charged with being an expert resource for education leaders with respect to: Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, Web Conferencing, Online Learning Professional Development, Education Management Organizations, Online Content Providers, and Online Learning Models.  Greg is also a member of the CLRN Advisory Board, the California E-Learning Framework workgroup, and chairs the Curriculum Committee for the Leading Edge Alliance.

Formerly, Greg served as the Technology Integration Architect for SDCOE, and spent eight years in the Cajon Valley Union School District as a Technology Coach, teacher, Title I Facilitator, and instructional coach. Greg also served as a Master Teacher for student teachers acquiring their teaching credential through San Diego State University.

Along with a Green Belt in Six Sigma and a variety of certifications, Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, a Master’s of Science in Education Technology, an Administrative Services Credential, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

On a personal note, Greg is a part-time personal trainer, and an avid health and fitness enthusiast that never misses a day at the gym.  Greg and his wife, Cathleen, enjoy travel and exploring the outdoors.  Most recently Greg and Cathleen spent time hiking and exploring rain forests in Puerto Rico and parts of the Caribbean.

David Law

David Law has been a teacher in San Diego Unified School District for the last fourteen years. He is currently teaching 5th grade at Angier Elementary.  What he enjoys most about teaching is showing his students how what they are learning directly relates to the world outside the classroom.  David believes that student learning opportunity should extend beyond their school and into their everyday lives.  He is a strong supporter of practical application and interaction with concepts learned in the classroom.

David graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in History.  He holds a certificate in Gifted and Talented education from UCSD.  After college David met his wife Louise.  The two found a home together in San Diego and have since had two lovely daughters that they both cherish.

Enjoying all that nature has to offer is an important part of David’s life.  He frequently hikes in the local parks and mountains and his preferred mode of transportation is his bicycle.  David’s love of the outdoors includes the ocean.  He scuba dives whenever he has the opportunity, and enjoys fishing with his friends and family.